Freitag, 25. Mai 2012

Todays sampler is not that straight.
Starting with uptempo, clubby sounds (incl. vocals),
ending with some fine electro
...but the best is still queuing ;)


Daniel Gardner- Under The Shower Tower
Sensual Physics- Arcs And Master
laplaceausoleil vs. britta keil- regardless (a b remix)
Ferrochrom- Blue
Double Trouble- Approaching
Funzion- Minerva
Veer- Greet The World With A Smile
Logical Disorder - Secret Society
Fono One- Betamax Rock
L-Cio- Aidni
L-Cio- Antes
Automatic Tasty- Come down on uploads
Automatic Tasty- Malware

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

This "best of" is more forward, more bpm.
As always free&legal netlabel music under common license
(nevertheless awesome stuff)


Kode9 & LD- Bad
Mothboy- Fight Song
Mothboy- Endless Summer
Mothboy- Aliens
V.Rotz- Madame
Space Dimension Controller- galactic effector (filaria remix)
V.rotz - Mad
Brightlight - Something_Else
GOMO PaRK- kraftwerk rmx by antonio bruno
Morc- Santarem (Kinnego Flux Remix)
Dirty Is God- Red Moon Baby
Lektrono- Esquizofrenia Colectiva
Domovoy- UnContinent
Jonas The Plugexpert- Savons (Vivace Remix)
Jonas The Plugexpert- Vuilnisflow
Ebola- Skull Pressure

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Dubtechno-compilation 02


Dominique Jacquinet- Protocol
Nulleins- Anotherday
Liquid level- plate
Liquid level- atom
Liquid level- tunnel
Liquid Level- Worthwile
Laura Palmer- Evolve
Biodub- Draft
Grad u- Pusashis 4
1DERL&- Hangar
1derl&- Thebe
1derl&- Pools Of Tears
Cristian Paduraru- Deep In Dub Theme
Christoph Schindling- Musique D ambiance
Maurizio Miceli- Phi Phi Island
Marco M Bernd- West 469
Mick Chillage- Project Echo
Dimomib- The Place To Be
DimomiB- Auxiliary output 1.1 (bonus track)
Lomov- Kind of Pale

Part 1
Part 2

Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Dubtechno-compilation 01


Marko Fürstenberg- Falling leaves
Marko Fürstenberg- Visions (Dub)
Mr Zu- Peering Into The Abyss
Mr. Zu- New Beginnings
Mr. Zu- In The Distance
Hieronymus- Waiting
Mr. Bizz- Green Man
Mr.Bizz- Life
Dublicator- Anonym Vectors
Dublicator- Perpendicular Networks
Waveform- Disappearing Structures
Waveform- Elegant Movements
Waveform- Fractal
Waveform- Soul Flight
Xoki- Low Town
Zzzzra- Avalanche
Zzzzra- Grotesque
Zzzzra- Sumo
Toni Latenz- Lipophilicity
Upwellings- Or This
Upwellings- Trainscommin
Vasiliy Aksyonov aka Outring- Side 1
freund der familie- wo auch immer

Part 1
Part 2

Ambient - chill out


Benfay- The Carribean Bar (Paul's Wet Coast Mix)
Benfay- Allein Unter Den Arkaden (krill.minima Remix)
Benfay- Plötzliche Kühle (Lufth Remix)
Benfay- Segelflieger (Digitalverein Remix)
Boris Heizmann- Azure
Lufth- Hold Me (In Your Arms)
Lufth- Motion-Emotion
Antonio Bruno- Pazific
Deluge- being beauteous
Holger Flinsch- Navigator
krill.minima- Zwischen zwei und einer Sekunde
krill.minima- das Licht durch dein Fenster Schatten wirft an die Wand
krill.minima- in einem Traum den ich einst hatte
krill.minima- Palmengasse
zip 129mb - all files licensed to the public via

Motown Junkie- It's on you
Proviant Audio- Welcome Wilderness
Niwa- When she looked at me (i saw her wondering)
    Aphilas- the dubbed coil of smoke
    Crookram- Hostile
    enLounge- Morning Espresso
    The Incognito Traveller- Petra 1:00 am
    TrianguliZona- Rising
    Bliss- Energy is for Henrik
    Cri-Kong- Floripondia
    Crisopa- Algo Cián
    Sabian- rhode-o
    The Incognito Traveller- Chaleur
    Vincent Casanova- Take Me Beyond (Paul Keeley Remix)
    Mou- Notte Di Luna
    System-Pi- Please Repeat
 zip 146mb - all files licensed to the public via

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012